Migration from V2 to V3 on TheThingsNetwork

Fig 1: LoRaWAN Layers
Fig 2: LoRaWAN Architecture to the Network Server (e.g. TTN)
Fig 3: The Things Stack V3 interface for Gateway Information
Fig 4: Map interaface after you enter Gateway location
Fig 5: Image from V3 console to download global.conf file
Fig 6: Image of Connected Gateway
Fig 7: Snippet of the Linux binary
Fig 8: Snippet of the commandline exporting the application from V2
Fig. 9: Snippet of the terminal for migration and creation of the devices.json file
Fig 10: Snippet of the V3 console on adding an application
Fig 11: V3 interface of the application details
Fig 12: Interface after adding the application
Fig 13: Interface to upload the devices.json file
Fig 14: Gateway Traffic
Fig 15: Application logs



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Leonard Mabele

Leonard Mabele

I am just a contributor of the innovation in telecommunications (Dynamic Spectrum Access, LPWANs), Programming and Engineering Design. IoT is also my coffee mug